Goals Not Resolutions

Another page torn from the desktop calendar, it’s the last page of 2017. Time to break out the calendar you got for a gift this holiday season. It’s on this day, the first day of the year when so many of us declare our New Year resolution. Typical ones -- go on a diet, get fit, be tidier, get a new job and/or save more money. All well and good, but as Business Insider reports “80% of all resolutions fail by February.”

Here’s the issue – resolutions are used to correct behavior such as sitting on the couch far too long rather than reinforce good habits. Coupled with, they aren’t measurable and time specific.

This year instead of a Resolution, why not set a Goal? Such as lose 20 pounds by July 1st, save/invest $500 per month, get a new job by April 1st. Now those of you who are my clients know that goals are lofty and there are multiple ways to achieve each goal. What produces results are targets, picking the best way of out the many to make all others easier or unnecessary -- The One Way. Maximum Effectiveness! Targets we can aim at and hit because they are measurable and time specific. Not all shots at a target are bull-eyes, but they are nonetheless effective in moving forward to achieving your goal. Make yourself accountable to someone for achieving that target.

Define your Goals and hence targets with

Absolute Clarity

Intense Focus

Massive Action

To achieve True Harmony in life set your New Year goals in the major areas of our lives – Our Four Pillars





Body – Work to improve your over all health. You don’t need to be bench pressing 300 pounds by the end of the year. If you are fairly inactive set a target to walk 30 minutes a day. If that’s too much to begin with, set it lower and adjust your target to more each week, even if it’s just adding 2 minutes. Continually strive to improve your overall health and fitness.

Being – Is the most nebulous of our four elements. If you are religious, work to enhance your core knowledge of your beliefs. If you are committed to your inner self, meditation and yoga could fit the bill.

Balance – another hard to define term. Are you working too much? Are you playing too much? Sitting too much? Not spending enough time with the family? There are many books about achieving balance, but they all boil down to “are you making a concerted effort to give more time to the areas of your life you know are being neglected”. Set a Goal to spend an extra hour (any time frame works here) with your significant others? Playing too much and truly neglecting work? Well, set a goal and fix it. The define your associated targets. Any one of our Four Pillars can be out of balance, with just a few adjustments to the schedule you’d be surprised how easy it is to fix.

Business – It can be getting that new job or it can be to increase revenues by 20% by a particular date. It can also be both business related and career related during the same period of time. Yes you can do both, enhancing revenue is not mutually exclusive of a job search.

Think of the Four Pillars as the legs of a table. When one is out of proportion to the others it makes for an unstable table. Did you ever go to a restaurant and sit at a wobbly table? Annoying and not much fun. The key to the Four Pillars is alignment. Make adjustments and you’ll have a stable foundation in 2018.

Let’s make 2018 a year of competed well defined goals and not the resolutions that fail by the end of February. You’ll be healthier and happier that you did!

Happy New Year!

Coach Larry