Improve your LinkedIn Job Search

I work with a lot of job seekers, people who are looking to find the right job for them or individuals looking for that next promotion, whether it's with the same company or another that's looking for the right talent. LinkedIn is the perfect place to look for recruiters, and network with people in target companies and/or industries.

The key to optimizing your LinkedIn search is to be creative with their search function. There are so many titles for the same role. Take "recruiter" for instance, LinkedIn reports 138 different titles are used for that role, that's right nearly 150 different titles. So if you only use the search term "recruiter" you are missing out on the 137 other titles. Utilize search engines to help you find other useful titles, " job titles for recruiters" or " job titles for salesperson". A simple job title search can cut hours off the creative process.

Speaking of recruiters, nearly 90% recruiters now utilize LinkedIn to find their candidates. Are you networking with LinkedIn to be found? It's the number one job recruiting today!

If you need help in your next job search, a coach can help you maximize your search time. A coach can keep you focused and motivated. So be creative, get the right help and you'll cut days, weeks and even months off your next search. Think of the Return on Investment in cutting your search time by a month., one month's salary gain for a small fee = big returns. Make the investment today, schedule a free introduction to coaching at